Clearly the superior choice

Improve orientation and thermoforming of films, while enhancing gloss and clarity with HiDura LUX® amorphous nylon technology. Designed specifically as a modifier for existing nylon layers or compounds. HiDura LUX® easily mixes with other nylons such as PA6, PA66/6 and PA6/66, has excellent flow for processing and can be reground for introduction back into the process.


  • Shrink films
  • Fiberboard packaging
  • Thermoforming films


Enhances optical properties such as clarity and gloss

Improves organoleptic barrier

Improves film orientation through crystallinity disruption

Improves thermoforming performance and melt stability

Approved for food contact

HiDura LUX® amorphous nylon improves oxygen and moisture barrier performance

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